We thrive on urging all kinds of music bands and individuals to become part of a exciting multi-cultural music scene.

Our group – 2000 and growing – come to us for the professional help they need to set up, run and foster music groups in their areas.

We’re here to help everyone excel in their music making because we love hearing new music, whatever the genre!

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Welcome to Music news

We are a website who deals with music of all genres. We review all sorts of albums. Our recent emotional power ballad album has seen great success. It is a “memory-jogging collection with great variety of cover artists encompassing many decades. Popular songs are forever popular so get with the mood”.

Another reviewer, Paula Jones, said, it’s “a great mix of classic and new songs. Every one of them was well known. Although the album’s title suggests that it's sad - it was awesome hearing these old classics again. Any person who has a broad taste in music ought to enjoy this one. Money excellently well spent. A great addition to my CD collection.”

Joanne Murphy said, “This is one of those perennial classics that is ideal for Valentine’s Day. Trust me, men, whatever you've done, buy your girlfriend this and she will love it. Trust me. There’s a lot of really gentle love songs from a variety of generations that will have you all snuggled up in the corner with a box of tissues. Is it actually very nice to hear some of those golden oldies that you thought you'd never listen to again.

We work with indie, pop, rock, folk, classic, heavy metal, jazz and all sorts of genre of music. If you’re a band or you know of a band that is up and coming then please do get in touch!

We’re also regular attendees of the UK’s many excellent music festivals, including the Isle of Wight festival, Glastonbury, Creamfields, Leeds and Reading and plenty more.