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East Coast Tour Dates Announced November/December 2013

The tour is booked and we leave the day after Thanksgiving. Taking RSVPs for these living room shows now. Go to my facebook page or to to reserve tickets now! Tickets will go on sale Monday but because these are small shows, it's a good idea to RSVP before they go on sale.

Announcing East Cost House Show Tour-Hosts Needed!

Hey everybody between here and the East Coast, I'm doing a house show tour November 29th-Dec 16th 2013 and looking for hosts! Follow link below to get in on this, and please spread the word!

Taking Pre-Orders For New Double Album, "Ghosts"

Simon Joyner's new vinyl-only double album has a release date of August 14th, 2012. He's taking pre-orders at The new, full-band, double album from Simon Joyner, his first since 2009 will be in a deluxe, gatefold tip-on jacket with digital download card included. On Joyner's resurrected Sing, Eunuchs! label in celebration of 20 years of toiling underground! Distributed by Revolver and Ba-Da-Bing Records.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely All-Analog. No digital technology was used in making this record.

Simon Joyner Two Set Show at Side Door Lounge

Show is Saturday, July 23rd. Two sets. The first set is solo acoustic and Simon is taking song requests via the event page on Facebook. Second set is Simon Joyner & The Parachutes doing new songs (and some old). The Side Door Lounge is located at 3530 Leavenworth Street, Omaha Nebraska.

Spiritual Rags at Antiquariam Records

18 June 2011

Grotto Records, the in-house label of Antiquarium Records in Omaha, still have copies the Spiritual Rags LP in stock. The record is available for mail order through their website:


Simon Joyner has just announced a brand new record label started with his old friend Ben Goldberg. It's called Grapefruit and it's a vinyl-only, subscription-only, record club. Kind of like the Sub Pop Singles Club except LPs instead of singles and they won't be putting out any Rollins Band records! Subscribers will receive four full-length LPs a year, one every three months, and will also get a deluxe slipcase box to hold all four records in the series. These will be limited pressings; in fact, they're only making as many as they have orders for ahead of time. This allows Grapefruit to pay all bands in full, in advance, without anyone having to wait for a record to "break even." They are not selling to distributors and these records will not be in record stores at all--only available by subscribing.

The first year roster is incredible. It includes exclusive albums by Lambchop (early, rare, pre-Merge recordings), Richard Youngs, L. Eugene Methe (Rake Kash, Spiritual Rags, The Naturaliste), and 200 Years (Ben Chasny from Six Organs of Admittance & Elisa Ambrogio from Magik Markers) and a deluxe slipcase box to hold all four records in the annual series. The artists are on loan from other labels and ever-changing so each year will be a unique, diverse line-up. They intend to mix it up as much as possible, the only criteria being that Ben and Simon both love the music. If they get at least 300 subscriptions a year, the boat will float, so please check out the website to subscribe or buy a gift subscription (GrapefruitRecordClub?.com), find Grapefruit on Facebook and MySpace? and Twitter, and tell any collector friends and loved ones about it. They'll be taking this year's subscriptions from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day and the first record will come out in April.

Limited Vinyl Only "Spiritual Rags" LP by SIMON JOYNER & CHRIS DEDEN & LONNIE METHE

From the Unread Records website description: The trio of simon joyner, lonnie methe & chris deden culminate and record a spattering of concrete dirge and ballad that treads upon the razors edge...songs topple upon themselves and shatter your weak vision of what appears to be "home" - graveyard blues, and hobbled hopes force their way into near psych territory, yet follow through and blurt their way back into and out of your heart. limited to 300 copies in "recycled" silkscreened jackets. no two are alike. co-released with grotto records.

Recorded over a weekend at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts during Joyner's 2005 residency there, this sat on a shelf for five years but is finally being released on Unread. The LP features half Simon Joyner songs and half Lonnie Methe songs. Cost is $15 postage paid (in lower 48 states). Make payment through Paypal, send to and include your shipping address. If you live outside the lower 48 United States, please write for a shipping quote before paying.


Simon Joyner is planning a few, short tours to support his new album Out Into the Snow. Instead of performing in the typical indie rock venues and bars with, he would like to explore a more intimate setting for these shows—living rooms and art spaces around the country and enjoy. The house (or art space) show removes the elevated stage that separates the performer from the audience. It removes the distracting noise from the bar and provides an environment that allows the music to be the main focus is searching. Simon has always felt that house shows and D.I.Y. spaces are often the best places to perform but it hasn’t been feasible to base a tour on this preference until now reading effective.

If you’d like to host a show or express interest in attending a show, please visit Simon is planning on going to the Southeast U.S. in March, the Northeast in May, and the West Coast in July 2010. If the house show tours work in the U.S. he's going to try the same model in the U.K. and Europe.

New Record "Out In The Snow" --- release date SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 on Team Love records

1. The Drunken Boat
2. The Arsonist
3. Ambulances
4. Sunday Morning Song for Sara
5. Last Evening on Earth
6. Peace in My Time
7. Out into the Snow
8. Roll On

Simon Joyner’s twelfth record, Out Into the Snow, is another challenging and rewarding song-cycle which grows richer from repeated listening. For this outing Joyner has assembled a small group, including Alex McManus? (Lambchop, Bright Eyes, The Bruces, , Ryan Kennedy, Mike Friedman, Michael Krassner (Boxhead Ensemble), and Chris Deden, as well as background vocals by Sarah Gleason and Pearl Lovejoy Boyd and string arrangements by violinist, Laraine Kaizer. Sounding sometimes like Doug Yule era Velvet Underground (with some Paris 1919 John Cale thrown in for good measure, On the Beach period Neil Young , Happy/Sad era Tim Buckley, and Our Mother the Mountain period Townes Van Zandt, the album is littered with characters in transition, moving toward or away from complicated pasts and futures.

Here you have a man floating away in a dilapidated drunken boat borrowed from Rimbaud. He escapes a past of imagined persecution, only to face deeper problems of self-identity after entering a storm at sea. There are lovers separated by distances difficult to summit. Others survive rocky starts to find peace, acceptance, and the real joy available to those who may have been born to run but now choose to stay and fight. The title tracks seems to be telling a simple story but, after a man is called out on a winter night to buy a, he goes to bed that night and has strange transformation dreams that lead him to question the direction of his own life. Stepping out into the snow then becomes a metaphor for engagement and Joyner seems to be saying that life is full of these worthwhile struggles, whether they result in sorrow or mirth, pleasant or unpleasant discoveries. Joyner requires the same of himself artistically. Out Into The Snow is full of gorgeous human gestures from well-developed characters rising and falling in overlapping arcs of time . Brazen songwriting, like all great art, challenges even more than it entertains. Team Love is proud to introduce another milestone performance from Simon Joyner, perhaps the greatest songwriter you’ve never heard.

Cowardly Traveller Re-release

From Simon's Myspace --- "Cowardly Traveller lp/cd reissue out May/Team Love". It is available now on 180g vinyl and CD from Team Love (cat. number TL-016).

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