Spread the Word!

You can help to promote a Simon Joyner show in your city and even get free tickets or merchandise if you manage to sell some tickets to your friends! Since all of the shows on the Living Rooms & Discrete Spaces Tour are in houses, art galleries, and other non-traditional music venues, we need to promote these shows through non-traditional methods. There are no booking agents or managers or professional promoters involved so we are asking the people most interested in Simon's music to help make these shows successful. Simon is looking for volunteers ("The Friends of Simon Joyner") from all walks of life in each city to help spread the word about these shows. No past promotional experience necessary. There are many ways you can help in your spare time. You can do as little or as much as you like. Click here for more information.

Living Rooms & Discrete Spaces

Simon Joyner is planning a few, short tours to support his new album "Out Into the Snow". Instead of performing in the typical indie rock venues and bars, he would like to explore a more intimate setting for these shows—living rooms and art spaces around the country. The house (or art space) show removes the elevated stage that separates the performer from the audience. It removes the distracting noise from the bar and provides an environment that allows the music to be the main focus. Simon has always felt that house shows and D.I.Y. spaces are often the best places to perform but it hasn't been feasible to base a tour on this preference until now. We are hoping that by selling tickets in advance and structuring the tour with this site, based on your feedback, we will be able to get the best of both worlds for the performer and the listener.

Simon will be traveling with his own PA so the spaces where he'll be playing simply need to be able to hold up to 50 people. Tickets are being sold in advance through this site using Paypal. Click on the Tickets & Merchandise link to purchase a ticket to a show near you. We are also looking for Friends of Simon Joyner in every city to volunteer to sell tickets, hang posters, and promote the shows on the ground. These volunteers will receive free admission and free merchandise for helping to get the word out for these small venue shows.

Simon toured the southeast in March, the northeast in May and will be touring the west coast in July. See the cities/states where Simon has shows confirmed on the right. If you're interested in Attending a Show or Hosting a Show, please let us know. Hosts will receive an album or t-shirt in gratitude for facilitating the event and sharing their home or alternative space for the evening.